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Weft Technologies

Kochi, India


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Nidhin Ravi

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Motion Design, Ergonomy UI/UX, Mobile App

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Technology isn’t work at Weft, it is a way of life.With a strong base in the United Arab Emirates, Oman, and India, our knowledge and expertise transcends borders and is truly global in nature. At the same time, we have a keen eye towards the value of local approaches and business traditions. We work to strike the balance between what works for you while employing the benefits of globalization.

We excel at Motion Design, Ergonomy UI/UX, Mobile App


"Helped to develop world class website and apps which meets all our business requirements. We liked thier Timely delivery and quality product development at affordable budget."

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Case Studies

Weft Technologies

Breaking the cocoon of grocery shopping: From location based Inventory to personalised customisations!,

We have delivered an ecommerce solution for Yameen- an online shopping portal to buy fresh fish. Fish markets have a huge variety from shellfish to squid, rohu, tuna which is exactly replicated in this e-commerce platform too. You are made available to a wholesome variety of fresh fish at standard market prices.

Fishes have a set of deciding factors when it comes to developing an e-commerce platform that relies on the online merchandise of fish. With specialised cuts, from being seasonal to area based availability, there are so many deciding factors that come amidst developing a cart and checkout of fresh fish.

What was the real issue pricking them?
Yameen was in need of a solution that showed high levels of user engagement. Live stock management and corresponding changes reflected in the menu list on a daily basis was their pressing demand. Fish cuts can also vary according to the dish being made and needed special mention in that perspective too.

How did we tackle the problem?
We developed a complete eCommerce solution with a customary app. We integrated business analytics into the framework to evaluate their business scales and revenue generation and study their ongoing trends.

We relied on a strong Content Management System to deliver a sound display of the menu listing and to actively manage the creation and modification of the display content.

What are the results?
Speaking about the results, the first noticeable output would be an open commerce system which could club every single unit into a common bowl. People could now suitably choose which cut they prefer( small, medium, large, biriyani).

They could avidly search through a fish catalog which was available to them based on their locality and need not waste their time searching for the unavailable ones.

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