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The Best Vendor Methodology

Develop mutually beneficial relationships with The Best Vendor

As businesses cannot buy a way to the top. They have to earn money on their way to the top. We take evaluation very seriously.


At TBV we have standardized the way we rank companies based on performance and feedback. Simply put, Best Vendor has no favouritism. We hope that the data we provide to our visitors is complete and accurate. We offer significant advantages to those who want to be transparent and honest about their business credentials.


We consider a number of attributes when evaluating our suppliers. Each participant is evaluated based on customer reviews received, awards, social media profile, company size (employee, turnover), market position, type of funding received, type of offer (services, products), customers providing services, and other such parameters. Each member listed will display a TBV Verified Score.

TBV Verified Scoring Methodology takes into consideration various attributes and is aimed at showcasing members based on the score which will help visitors to connect with vendors fit for their specific criteria. The TBV Scoring Methodology makes the selection of vendors more methodical, and measurable, which would help in eliminating and potential risk that may arise due to lack of information. TBV aims at providing data that will help visitors to make better and timely decisions to maximize their business interests.


TBV help develop mutually beneficial relationships with listed vendors.


TBV Analysts assess and validate that all vendors listed meet TBV defined requirements and quality standards. The current competitive business landscape demand perfection. TBV Methodology considers factors related to the vendor's area of expertise, recognitions, achievements, customer ratings and such parameters.

The methodology scores on three levels. These levels help refine and gauge the Capacity, Performance, Risk, Quality and Impact of the vendor in their chosen industry segment and have the experience to meet specific criteria.





Client Reviews
At least 5 Reviews
Average Rating 3 and above
Google Ratings 2.5 and above


Media Awards up to 2



Social Media
Followers and Likes 1000/300

Market Presence

Local, National


TBV Verified

Client Reviews
At least 20 Reviews

Reviews in the previous year at least 10
Average Rating 3.5 and above
Google Ratings 3 and above

Industry Awards at least 2
Media Awards at least 2


Social Media
Followers and Likes 5000/600

Market Presence

Local, National, Internation


TBV Verified

client Reviews
At least 100 Reviews

Reviews in the previous year at least 25
Average Rating 4 and above
Google Ratings 3.5 and above

Industry Awards a tleast 5
Certification at least 2
Media Awards at least 10

Social Media
Followers and Likes 5000+/2500

Market Presence

Local, National, International

Listing Charges


Free for Limited Period

Listing Charges


USD 1200 (Annual)

Listing Charges


USD 3000 (Annual)

Process Followed

1. Gather Guiding Data

2. Determine Performance Categories and Priorities

3. Apply Grading Criteria

4. List on the Site

The best vendor

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