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After reading the title you all might be wondering, can it be true? We all have seen or heard or read about many sustainable items including food, clothing, shoes, etc. But have you ever heard about sustainable coffee? Honestly, I haven’t. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not true. Well, it is a thing now and many people dig it quite much. I know what you might be thinking, at first I even had the same questions. So, get ready because all your questions are going to be answered and you are going to know about this infamous sustainable coffee.

The Best Vendor Inspired by Sustainable Coffee

Community Bean Coffee is a business built by Nathan Stone. Nathan Stone is a passionate entrepreneur from Sydney, Australia who has a background in media and marketing. He came up with the idea of building a brand named Community Bean Coffee during the pandemic. It has the vision to provide people with the best tasting coffee without compromising with the environment. But that is not all. Nathan dreams big with his small start. He wants the people of Australia to care about sustainability and support such businesses. He wants people to change their behavior and try to do better for the environment and the local communities as well. He started this sustainable coffee because he wants people to have every product produced through sustainability. He believes it’s good coffee and good causes.

Well, isn’t that a great thought! But where did this idea come from or what’s the story behind it? We’re here to discover that. Nathan had this thought of producing something or starting his own business for two years now but, he never ended doing it. However, in this pandemic, he became jobless and decided to build his dream. He wanted to collaborate on his three passions- coffee, sustainability, and charity.

On one hand, he knew he wanted to do the coffee business but on the other hand, he knew that nobody would care that much about coffee during the economic crisis. Moreover, he needed adequate funds to get himself started. So, he decided to do something out of the box. Nathan decided to grind the coffee himself and live-stream all of it. But, not just grind. He did it all by walking on a human hamster wheel for straight 22 days. Yes, you read it right 22 days!! He was on the wheel walking for at least 12 hours a day, sleeping on the wheel itself. He decided he wouldn’t give up until he raised $30,000.But after 22 days he had to get out of it as his arms and feet were swollen and it started to pain a lot so he had to seek medical assistance. Thus, he could only raise a little more than $10,000. Still, he was happy with the money he raised as it was enough to get him started. And this is how Community Bean Coffee came into this world.

Nathan Stone is just another ordinary human being like us but did something so worth getting inspired from. Community Bean Coffee is not just any coffee or just sustainable coffee. It is much more than that. Nathan decided to do something for society from what he does. For every kilo of coffee purchased, they send $2 to the charity for helping children and the poor. Isn’t that great? Not just that, the coffee they sell is never 7 days old. It’s freshly brewed beans from the Godfather of the Australian coffee industry roasting. All the coffee beans come from Only Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance beans plus they come with zero- compostable packaging. So everything is sustainable coffee as well as its packaging.

Sometimes, even a small effort becomes an inspiration for others. It proves that you need not be some big millionaire or a superstar to do something great for the community. It just shows that you must have the willingness to do something for others apart from yourself. There are a lot of rich and successful businessmen who can give it back to society. But do they? It comes from within. Even a person who has nothing can do a good deed and even a billionaire can ignore the social causes. So it’s our choice what we wanna be, rich from heart or rich from the pocket. Make the right choice and do something good for the community because, in the end, it’s all about the world.


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