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Nicole Bernard

nb. marketing offers comprehensive marketing services, consulting, and a business marketing course. With prior experience in running an organic farm and microbrewery, they have the power of effective marketing. After gaining valuable insights at a marketing agency for 2.5 years, they launched the Bubbles & Biz podcast in 2019. Through this platform, they foster a community of entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and celebrate their entrepreneurial journey.

nb. marketing


About the Winner

nb. marketing offers done for you marketing services, as well as consulting and a comprehensive marketing course for business owners + entrepreneurs. After closing the doors to my first business, an organic farm & micro-brewery, in 2014 that was a result of causing too much traffic (marketing works!), I worked at a marketing agency for 2.5 years where I learned all of the strategies and best practices for growing businesses through powerful digital marketing!

In 2019, I launched my podcast, Bubbles & Biz, where I sit down with business owners and we discuss their journey, tools that they use to grow their business, their favorite marketing strategies, how they break out of their comfort zone to grow and other business related topics! I wanted to create a community of entrepreneurs so we could connect, collaborate and celebrate each other on this rollercoaster called entrepreneurship!

My experience as both a brick + mortar business owner and an agency owner have enabled me to create, execute and teach other business owners how to effectively and efficiently market their businesses. Instead of taking hours to figure out how to post to social media or the latest SEO trends, they are learning all of the ways to create and execute an effective marketing strategy for their unique and awesome business! With the time they actually have as a business owner!

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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