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Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 WINNER

United Kingdom

Jeanette Forder

Phoenix Wellness Coaching Limited

Grounded in real-life experiences of women at this pivotal life stage, Phoenix Wellness Coaching takes a personalized approach, taking the time to deeply understand the needs and challenges of each client.


HR, Coaching & Education

About the Winner

Phoenix Wellness Coaching is a wellness and life coaching service predominantly, but not solely, for women experiencing perimenopause and menopause. We specialise in helping individuals (women and their male partners) and organisations (employers) to thrive together tghrough menopause. Phoenix Wellness Coaching is very much about it's founder and CEO, Jeanette Forder who is a 58 year old post menopausal woman who left the corporate world in 2020 due to her experience of menopause at work. With 20+ years experience as a Senior HR Business Partner and Coach, working closely with, advising and challenging senior teams to build an inclusive culture where staff can thrive and perform at their highest level, Jeanette translates her own experience into useful advice for other senior managers to help to build a sustainable, and resilient workforce that respects diversity and harnesses the power of difference at every employee's life stage. Jeanette's passion is to help individuals and organisations to thrive through menopause, using her own story and experiences to highlight the issues that female leaders encounter both personally and professionally through this key life stage. Jeanette's aim is to make menopause a positive conversation, particularly in the workplace, removing the stigma and sensitivity.

This is very simply that Phoenix Wellness Coaching is Jeanette Forder and everything we offer to support individuals and organisations is designed with the customer in mind. Jeanette brings her own unique experiences and wealth of knowledge from working many years within organisational development (predominantly learning and development and gender diversity) in large national and multi-national companies. Everything that Phoenix Wellness Coaching offers is based on real-life lived experience of women at this key life stage. Being a small organisation, Jeanette is able to bring a more personal touch to the company and takes time to understand the needs and challenges of the company before designed a workshop or training vehicle that will work within their business culture. Jeanette does not offer a one-size-fits-all approach but spends time understanding the needs of the client and tailoring her approach accordingly. Nothing is too much for the client.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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