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Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 WINNER


Keree Bradshaw

Believe Leadership Academy


HR, Coaching & Education

About the Winner

Leadership Programs, Courses and Workshops for small business owners and their teams. A focus on supporting women in business through our Business Women's Mastery Program of blended learning delivery; engaging online courses, face to face and Zoom workshops, private coaching sessions and a supportive community of other women in business gives our program members a powerful environment to grow their confidence, clarity and courage as a result of the tools and skills acquired through this program. Leadership becomes instinctive, positively impacting all facets of life and business.

Our Online Courses as self paced enrolments offer for those not yet looking for the higher commitment of a Group Program, quality personal and professional development content supporting expanded skills in self leadership, greater productivity and more effective communication. These online courses can be purchased through our website or delivered to teams as a focused development package across 3-12 months.

Our Workshops introduce our leadership philosophy in bite-sized zoom or face to face delivery, with each workshop focusing on one of our 6 Leadership Power Skills - Mindset, Productivity, Communication, Self-Care, Trust, Presence. Nourishing Self Leadership first to enable leading others and the legacy of your personal and professional impact.

Delivering a System Of Leadership making better sense of being the best version leader with better tools and instinctive skills.

We demystify Leadership for a small business owner.

Our Leadership Mastery Model is the foundation of all our products. This model has three pillars - Growth Mindset | Values Based Living | Authenticity - and all of our programs, courses and workshops deliver growth in these three pillars. Clients connect to the value of these pillars and want growth they can really understand. This Leadership Mastery Model makes sense to a business owner and how leadership relates to them, and this is our point of difference.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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