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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

Erika Caprotti

United States

Samba Moving

Introducing Samba Moving, a door-to-door relocation company that prioritizes delivering stress-free moving experiences to its clients.


Real Estate Services

About The Winner
Samba moving is a door to door relocation company that aims to provide clients with a stress-free moving experience. We focus on being transparent to clients and make sure they fully understand the moving process and are prepared for it. We are able to offer great services at budget-friendly prices, so the customers usually feel they are getting a great cost-benefit ratio.
I am originally from Brazil, that is where the name "Samba" comes from. One aspect of Brazilian culture that I really love is the optimism and celebration of life. We are a developing country but poverty doesn't prevent us to be joyful and have fun. Carnaval and Samba music are symbols of our culture, because that is the way we face the challenges of life: dancing.
I want to bring this spirit to the moving industry. Moving can be nerve wracking, but it often means life is bringing exciting changes, that we might not see at fist as a positive change, but later we can realize it is shaping our journey and our live story.
We make the moving process light and stress-free by organizing the move, confirming the list many times, teaching the clients about the moving process and industry and being available to clients when they have questions. On top of that, our prices are really competitive.
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