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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023


Retail, eCommerce, SaaS


Vaniya by Ranjeet

Ranjeet Kaur Dang

About the Winner

Vaniya by Ranjeet is a sustainable business. We source dead stock from local vendors of the country. Each fabric is handpicked & sourced within local market. Our products are further handmade by the local artisans of the country. Since the finished product is made from dead stock each design becomes unique and exclusive. Our motivate is make create awareness that instead of making a difference by using new materials and causing harm to mother Earth we can use existing materials differently & create exclusive designs and make an environmental awareness. We also support country’s economy by creating more job opportunities for the local people.

We make clothes for real women. We believe real women lives in her own terms & conditions. She doesn’t liked to be judged or compared. She is special in her own way. She is not a part of any race. Keeping this as our main motive our designs are timeless, minimal & comfortable. Our clothes are made in such a manner that they can be used a decade later making it a heirloom product.


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