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Jacqueline Almeida

She loves becoming a contributor to the success of organizations and entrepreneurial growth and expansion.

I bring 25 years of leadership experience and expertise, an intercultural perspective, a diversity perspective, and a spiritual perspective. Furthermore, I am personable and truly love becoming a contributor to the success of organizations and entrepreneurial growth and expansion.

Alpha + Omega Strategies

Vision: A movement of awakened Leaders, worth following

Leadership Defined:

It is the courage to learn and lead with a heightened awareness of self, context, and others; to investigate those areas inside ourselves, our learning edges, uncovering strengths that we must catalyze, work on and grow; be highly flexible; become personally accountable in discovering what to do in relationship with people so they in turn become the best versions of themselves; and, most importantly, to allow that to interface with all areas of life.


We are a company committed to filling this world with stories of great leadership; because when you have great leaders in place everyone wins.


We coach, support, and train leaders to become great at what they do so that they, their teams, and their organizations experience amazing success.

We do this, by equipping leaders with tailor-valued skills, effective support and coaching, and the most essential tools so they can confidently create organizational results and build thriving work cultures that make a difference.

Three Strategies:

� Vision-eering: Creating clarity of vision and generating buy-in.

� Teaming: Learning about fundamental and key behaviours and practices that make your team high-performing, engaged, and result-oriented.

� Managing: Growing the confidence, competence and people-leading skills of emerging and newly appointed managers with little to no formal leadership training.

In the process, we focus on the 7C�s:

� Strengthening your CREDIBILITY

� Enhancing your COMMUNICATION

� Developing your CHARACTER

� Building your CONFIDENCE

� Growing your COMPETENCE

� Practicing your COURAGE

� Helping you become a CHANGE-MAKER

Our Uniqueness:

� Inspiring and introspective �aha� moments

� Holding our clients to a higher standard of leadership. We mean it!

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