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Pip Robinson

Focussed on niche occupational health business providing health care, preventing disease and injury in the workplace.

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Bream Bay Occupational Health

New Zealand

The Bream Bay Occupational Clinic setting aims to take out 'clinical' right from the start.

The client will not find sterile, white walls or posters of health promotions. They will not feel anxious or intimidated by uniforms, forms to fill out and copious amounts of people 'trickling' in and out.

Instead the customer will be instantly put at ease as they enter a relaxed, rustic, plant filled, music filled, great smelling space. They will be treated as an individual, rather than a number.

Experience and expertise in this field is paramount. Qualified in Occupational Health, Bream Bay Occupational Health staff bring coastal living, work and lifestyle together.

Bream Bay Occupational Health is about taking care of health, preventing disease and injury in the workplace. Workers have a right to come home safe every day that they work.

There was no LOCAL Occupational Health service that took care of our workers in our community. Birthed in the 2020 lockdown, this custom business grew into the the niche occupational health business it is today by listening and caring for local industries, big and small, and serving them as you would your own family.

Pre Employment medicals, Annual medicals, Exit medicals, Drug and Alcohol testing, Blood testing, Fit Testing, Smoking Cessation programs, Vaccinating, Biological monitoring, RATs, Suture removal are some of the services provided.

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