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Tonya Davidson

We are dedicated, experienced and recognised professionals at the forefront of property advisory and advocacy. We negotiate, strategise, advise and protect. We do this with transparency, tenacity, knowledge and excellence - always.

- We only take on 6 clients at a time. This allows us the time to understand how our clients live, their dynamics, passion, work, family. It allows us time to build the right brief, to have meaningful conversations with agents, to inspect all properties ourselves, to report back to our clients, and to strategise a negotiation.

- We don't have competing briefs. As such, searches are not compromised.

- We are the only advocacy that runs a truly transparent portal. Through transparency, we build trust allowing our client to make the right decision at the right time.

- We offer a communication schedule. This ensures less phone tag, more meaningful conversations, increased accountability and confidence, and to glean the information when we need it.

- We have forged relationships over a career spanning 30 years, via boards, REIV, work, coaching and mentoring. Off-markets are about relationships, and off-off-markets are about deep relationships. This is where values and our reputation play a huge role.

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