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Dad of Ad

Ahmedabad, India


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Digital Marketing, Creative Advertising, Media Planning and Outreach

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Dad of Ad is an award-winning limitless and holistic advertising agency based in Ahmedabad founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi, one of today's best digital marketers in the world.


"The company is astonishing and audacious in its creative approach of advertising and marketing
The best you could get in India.
At so reasonable prices, stick to the deadline, co-operate very well with the clients."

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Dad of Ad

The Upper Castes of our country have time and again voiced their concerns over how reservation system is unfair to them and should be abolished with immediate effect. And of course it has been unfair to them. It's not their fault that their forefathers brutalized these castes. Being empathetic is hard when you see another person getting ahead of you with lower marks. You don't care if they prepared for it on their own while you spent lakhs on the coaching because your privileged parents could afford it. None of it matters but the marks.

Multiple PILs have been registered in the Supreme Court to put an end to this practice that works against meritocracy. According to a survey held by Social Attitudes Research for India, 43% people wanted merit to be the only way to education and jobs. Even people who are least interested in evaluating social situations and general governance have opinion on this particular subject.

But what is the origin of this unfair practice? How did this all start? To answer these questions, we will first have to dig deep into the reasons due to which this system was created in the first place.

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