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Public Media Solution

Pune, India


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Ravinder Bharti

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Public Relations, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Optimization (SMO), Content Writing Services, E-commerce Solutions


Public Media Solution is a PR and digital marketing agency headquartered in Pune, Maharashtra. It provides its global clients with services like media relations, reputation management, crisis management, search engine optimization, social media optimization, PPC advertising, content marketing, and many more


"His work is outstanding he is very labourious and also his nature is too good.-Higher Mgt. is empathetic and has good vision, Adaptable, Employee-centric, try their best to support and develop employees,
-Company culture overall is good, although, varies from team to team.
- Mgt. offers multiple opp. to learn and up skill.
- Job security is good."

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Public Media Solution

After monitoring multiple CDNs for a few weeks, PBS Interactive found that CloudFront had a significantly lower error rate than the incumbent CDN. As a result, they migrated the majority of PBS videos to Amazon S3 storage and delivered them via Amazon CloudFront. PBS Interactive completed the migration of its content into Amazon S3 within a matter of weeks and subsequently began delivering that content via Amazon CloudFront.

Since the migration, PBS Interactive says it has experienced fifty percent fewer errors in its video streaming performance. The department also conducts testing more quickly with the help of Amazon CloudFront’s invalidation request feature and by analyzing CloudFront logfiles. This feature improves PBS Interactive’s testing by rapidly removing bad files and quickly refreshing its cache.

Engelson believes that “Amazon CloudFront fits well with the other AWS services used by PBS. The team members have enjoyed their conversations with the AWS team as they have migrated to Amazon CloudFront, and they were pleased when the Amazon CloudFront invalidation feature was released shortly after they needed that feature.”

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