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Third Eye Productions

San Diego, California


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Rachael Ponn

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Branded Content, TV + Social Campaigns, Documentaries, Motion Graphics, Scripts, Voice Over, Musics + Licencing

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We founded our business with one goal in mind: creating beautiful, unique, and thoughtfully crafted projects that meet the needs of our clients. We are a global group of passionate creatives working with companies looking to give their consumers a meaningful experience.

Thanks to our professional approach, we’ve been lucky to collaborate with some amazing companies. Once you start working with us, you’ll understand the Third Eye difference. Our skilled team members will leave no stone unturned until your project is completed to your satisfaction.

If you’d like to learn more about our production services, get in touch today.


"Review1-I really don't think any review can do justice to how amazing the Third eye production team is. Firstly the communication is phenomenal. The team was very patient, understanding and cooperative."

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Third Eye Productions

According to Foucalt, subject "runs in the empty sameness throughout the history", the viewing subject is always constituted within a specific "historical framework". The revolution in image production in the latter part of twentieth century heralded by rapid developments in digital technologies has radically altered the way we see: Most of the historically important functions of the human eye are being supplanted by practices in which visual images no longer have any reference to the position of an observer in a "real", optically perceived world.

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