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Brigade Enterprises Ltd.

Bangalore, India


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M.R. Jaishankar

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Brigade Enterprises Limited (Brigade Group), is a real estate and property development company headquartered in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. It has won national and international awards in the construction industry. It was founded by M.R. Jaishankar in the 1986.


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Case Studies

Brigade Enterprises Ltd.

1. Real Estate Industry in India- An Overview
The real estate sector in India is one of the most important sectors for India’s GDP growth. It contributes to around 6.3%to
the total GDP.The Indian real estate market is currently one of the fastest growing markets in the world. This has led to
increased keenness among many foreign investors that are investing in many big projects. The estimated market size was
USD 78 billion in 2012 which is expected to almost double and become USD 140 billion by 2017. Changing demographics,
rising income level and rapid urbanization would be the key factors in fuelling this significant growth. As per CREDAI
estimates, the real estate sector alone would have generated close to7.6 million jobs during the year 2013. CREDAI has also
projected that the real estate sector would generate more than 17 million employment opportunities for India by 2025.Bright Prospects of Real Estate Industry in Bangalore
The State government has launched the Information and communications Technology policy and the Karnataka Electronics
policy for the growth of industry in the state.Karnatakais the leading state in electronics and computer software exports,
accounting for 38.76% of India’s total exports in 2011-12. With the flourishing IT sector, there has been a phenomenal
growth in the real estate sector where Bangalore and Mysore are two important real estate markets.
In 2013, Bangalore turned out to be the second largest real estate market with the launch of 1.23 Lakh new units, a figure
which was less than the 1.25 Lakh units launched in the Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR). Despite a deluge of supply,
inventory levels in Bangalore at 80,000 units are much lower compared to 1.1 Lakh in MMR, signifying an inherent demand.
Unlike other national markets, prices in Bangalore are stable and affordable in the range of 4,300 per sq ft. All this is good
news for investors and home buyers in Bangalore as they get ample affordable options to choose fromFocus of the study: This study is apart from numerical and analytical aspects and it teaches new investors that whether Real
estate industry is suitable or not for the Investment. Besides this study justifies the selection of Brigade enterprises that
investment in this company is the viable option.
Growth Prospects
The Company is now constructing 11.7million Sq.ft(msf) in Devanahalli and Whitefield sub urban of Bangalore, its share in
the joint development is 8.7msf. Brigade is also developing retirement homes as part of its Devanahalli project.

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