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Mindpool Technologies

Pune, India


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Ritesh R. Sharma

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Digital marketing, Oracle consulting, and digital development

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Mindpooltech is one of the renowned development and digital marketing firm with a decade long experience. We design strategies and solutions that are tailored specifically to your business vision. What makes us strong are our diverse expertise and a proven record of working with every industry type. We are powered with a strong team of certified and promising professionals. Our unique approach and innovative thinking have helped many businesses to expand and gain recognition.


They are so skilled that it is really easy to convey to them our requirements."

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Case Studies

Mindpool Technologies

Mindpool Technologies developed a website for an IT company’s third-party client. They delivered a strong framework that offered secure transactions. The third-party client provided overwhelmingly positive feedback on the new website created by Mindpool Technologies.

“We gained a very overwhelming response from our clients regarding user experience. The process of buying was extremely smooth and had no hassle while surfing. We have also experienced significant growth in website traffic.” – Head of Client Engagement, IT Company

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