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XtraNet Tech

Bhopal, India


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XtraNet Tech is a call center service. They are based in Bhopal, India; Bhopal, India and Navi Mumbai, India and have a midsize team that provides voice services, HR services, and non-voice bpo/back office services. The agency was founded in 2002.


" Work culture is good as management allow ample time to settle in the position team mates are very supportive."

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Case Studies

XtraNet Tech

Problem Statement: - HEG limited approached XtraNet to overcome the challenges of the
shipment tracking. There are lots of problems faced by HEG limited in their shipment
tracking. XtraNet understood the problems and provided solution to overcome the problemXtraNet Approach: - XtraNet designed & developed the required solution and conducted
Proof of Concept demonstration of Shipment Tracking Solution.
This solution overcomes all problems of shipment tracking of HEG Limited. With the help of
this application HEG Limited can track the shipment in real time, check the live location of
shipment, get the live GPS tracking of shipment over map, start and delivery time of
shipment, distance travelled by shipment, average speed of shipment’s vehicle, current
location of shipment by SMS notification, shipment tracking history, offline and portable
GPS tracking device, halt report of shipment, etc.Our Solution: - XtraNet has designed and developed Cloud based GPS Tracking System. It
uses combined technology GPS & SMS tracking with flexible, advanced mapping and
reporting web and mobile application.
A SMS & GPS enabled portable GPS tracking device is provided to collect & send tracking
data via cellular networks. The device then delivers data to the Tracking System – Cloud
based hosted application, which can be accessed through web at any time. Client can
receive real-time GPS tracking updates including location, speed, date, time, battery-meter
and other alerts. The battery backup of GPS tracking device is more than 30 days (in given
conditions), so it is very useful for long shipment tracking. The GPS tracking device is also
equipped with AGPS system for GPS blind areas.

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