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Elephant Design

Pune, India

Ashish Deshpande

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Ashish Deshpande

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Elephant Design Pvt Ltd. is a Pune based strategic design & innovation consultancy, founded in 1989 by graduates from the National Institute of Design in India. Elephant has offices in India & Singapore.



Creative & Innovative
*Much more than an institutional experience
*Design Culture
*Professional ethics
*to get satisfied of the design created
*team work

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Case Studies

Elephant Design

The brand identity was done by Elephant Design to ensure ancient Indian millets could make a comeback into the market in its raw, authentic and unprocessed form. The millets were highlighted as healthier alternatives that could be used with extreme versatility and fit into the contemporary Indian person’s diet.A venture of Fountainhead Foods, Health Sutra was launched in 2013 to create packaged food with the goodness of millets that can easily be incorporated into the contemporary Indian lifestyle.As a relatively new player hopping on the healthy food bandwagon, Health Sutra aimed to enter into retail with their range of millet products.

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