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Fireart Studio

Warszawa, Poland

Dima Venglinski

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Dima Venglinski

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Warsaw-based Fireart Studio prides itself on its diverse clientele, which ranges from startups to the world’s leading brands. In addition to important clients, they have a big fan following to back it up (their Dribble page sees over 12K daily visitors)..



Overall Score Fireart is great! The quality of their work and dedication to the project amazed me.

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Case Studies

Fireart Studio

Wodify is an all-in-one fitness app that allows you to make your workout more effective, manage your activities and plans in one place, and build a community in one gym. Our task has been to redesign Wodify’s framework and create a new, more user-friendly digital experience. Usually, you have to scroll many apps before you find the one that will help you create a perfect workout plan. The main concept of Wodify is to combine all of them into one comprehensive user interface. We have broken all the content down into cards to make information more scannable and easier to digest. The old design has lacked whitespace and clean typography. Hence, we have applied a better-structured hierarchy in a new UI framework.

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