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Artificial Intelligence

Collaborative Intelligence

Gurugram, India



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Sangeeta Das

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Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Counter Drone Technology, Smart City Solutions


Collaborative Intelligence is a DeepTech start-up providing products and solutions through technologically enabled platforms in areas of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. CI specialises in Computer Vision, Image Processing, Deep Learning and Machine learning using proprietary algorithms and neural networks to solve for some of the most compelling problems of the day.

CI’s robust delivery framework is accelerated by strong collaborations and partnerships, supported by a global and highly experienced team, with significant years of R&D.

CI’s vision of making a sustainable impact to society and transform live, comes through with a mission to “Make in India”, and such solutions are specifically customized to meet the requirements of the Indian Market. These platforms are highly customizable and can support any user requirements through software or hardware, Ci embedded systems and Ci SaaS and PaaS models.

CI’s private R&D lab supports clients with R&D and Engineering services in Design and Development related to Robotics and Artificial Intelligence.

Products and Services:

Robotic Platforms: Modular and Customizable for Surveillance and Tactical Operations. These platforms are specifically designed to support all terrain mobility.
AI Platform: Intelligent platform using computer vision, machine learning and image processing integrated with big data platforms delivers the most powerful insights

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