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Navi Mumbai, India


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Ashwin Mittal

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We are a pure-play data analytics and insights company with a focus on helping organizations drive digital transformation using artificial intelligence (AI), advanced analytics, and insights.

We enable organizations to solve complex issues relating to their customers, markets, and competition at speed and scale through a combination of industry-specific domain expertise with AI-driven products and solutions that are Intellectual Property (IP)-led and leverage the latest technologies. We use a multi-disciplinary approach to data integration across structured and unstructured data sources to help businesses grow through informed decision-making.

Our capabilities across cloud, data engineering, business intelligence, intelligent process automation, applied AI, and consulting enable us to cater to the entire analytics and insights value chain, from data management and descriptive analytics to insightful, predictive, and prescriptive analytics. Significant advances in AI and machine learning (ML) technologies have enabled us to create technologies, accelerators, and reusable frameworks to provide long-term value to our clients through advanced digital analytics, marketing analytics, and customer analytics solutions.

We believe our understanding of the omnichannel customer journey, digital business models, and our clients’ businesses combined with experience across analytical disciplines, application of AI technologies, and consultative problem-solving capabilities help us create powerful competitive advantage for our clients. Through the integration of our solutions with our clients’ critical business workflows, we aim to drive efficiency, innovation, and continuous value addition for our clients as we take them into the fifth direction – the future.

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