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Raman Talwar

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AR-VR-MR / XR technologies, Process Simulation & Optimization, 3D Simulation


Simulanis is a multi-award winning XR technology company dedicated to delivering excellence in creating some of the most engaging, interactive and immersive AR-VR applications. We started back in November 2013, and have been pioneering the application of AR-VR-MR / XR technologies for industrial training across manufacturing-based sectors such as pharmaceutical, FMCG, automotive, engineering, automation, oil and gas, paints, power, energy, and chemicals to name a few.

Since inception, we have worked with more than 100 companies, a list that covers some of the most esteemed and admired clients who are predominant market leaders across the aforementioned industries. Simulanis is also proud to be one of the few companies creating a mark in the field of leveraging AR-VR-MR / XR technologies to deliver a meaningful impact to the society by improving livelihoods and workplace safety of some of the most vulnerable workers of our workforce population.

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