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Raghu Ravinutala, Jaya Kishore Gollareddy, Rashid Khan

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Total CX Automation,

At 64% of the world’s population, today’s digital users now form the largest part of the global consumer base. They’re social, highly mobile, simultaneously at many places, they’re also super self-reliant and prefer to solve problems on their own. They’re very demanding and rightly so.

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This new generation of consumers has pushed brands and enterprises to engage and resolve issues of the generation-now, on-demand, across channels, in real-time, 24/7. And with a whopping 5 billion users on conversational channels like Web, App, Alexa, Facebook, WhatsApp; businesses have no other choice but to transform their Customer Experience to be omnichannel, intelligent, personalized, that too, at scale. We call it Total Customer Experience. Statistically speaking, it is evident as a way forward. Enterprises spend $1.3 trillion every year on support (not to mention, on marketing & commerce) and yet, discover that only about 3% of their customers enjoy talking on IVR, whereas 33% of US customers expect to message businesses.

Our company was born out of three friends sharing their common frustration with seeking good customer support, and deciding to do something about it, for customers like them across the world. was built with the vision to automate total customer experience, with the best of AI and human intelligence to deliver on-demand fulfillment. In short, we exist to elevate the business-to-consumer interactions of every enterprise across the world, and make them intuitive, personal, and real-time.

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