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Staff Augumentation

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Cygnet Infotech

Ahmedabad, India




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Niraj Hutheesing

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Staff Augumentation, Implementation Services, Infrastructure Management, Testing


From 2000, we remain dedicated to our vision—providing technology enabled business solutions to keep our clients ahead of competition. ​

Our work features a bouquet of Fortune 500 corporations, mid-size businesses, fast paced start-ups as well as government bodies. ​

Our solutions take you on a journey of digital transformation through unique products, services, and superior product engineering. From traditional technologies to emerging technologies powering innovation, our teams have the expertise to help transform your organization’s digital journey by identifying the right technology platforms that deliver the right solutions for you.​

We do this through our array of products and solutions, from an automation suite through to our products aimed specifically at digitizing your tax journey, complete with a blockchain based digital signature solution. Our aim is to provide end-to-end solutions for our client’s most pressing business needs.​


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