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Recognising Exceptional Women Entrepreneurs

Lupina Iturriaga

Lupina Founder of Fintonic - The Best Vendor

Lupina founded Fintonic to help others by providing smart solutions to ease their life. She states, “The passion for helping people and being truly useful was the concern that drove the creation of Fintonic. I sincerely believe that my greatest achievements are those of Fintonic. I have been very lucky and fortunate to be accompanied by two partners who have made it possible.”

success wasn’t quick or easy and Fintonic spent several years proving the effectiveness of their business model and demonstrating to lenders their credit scoring mechanism was on to something.

In a world of growth at all costs, where sound unit economics aren’t often prioritized, Lupina has built a company that’s already breaking even and starting to turn a profit. She’s one of three Co-CEOs who each focus on different strengths and aim to create an atmosphere of commitment to their team. In exchange, they ask company employees to join them only if they believe in the company and can get behind the mission of Fintonic.

Lupina graduated in Business Administration and Management from CUNEF, where she was awarded a scholarship based on academic merit, which proved her worth within the business and financial sector.

For some time she was fully dedicated to the world of banking, first in New York and then in Madrid, where she spent some years in the world of treasury and commercial banking, to finally join the company IDEON as a partner, leader in the area of financial consulting.

Lupina Iturriaga’s professional career positioned her as an expert in financial planning from a very young age and this, together with her entrepreneurial profile, led her to found Fintonic in Spain.

Fintonic’s usefulness and efficiency in managing personal finances has earned it the first Mobile Innovation Award in the Finance sector from Google, and it was named by IOS as the best Finance app, included in the select ranking of the best 20 apps, with Fintonic being the only one in Finance.

  • Recognized by the Financial Times as one of the 15 leading women in the Fintech in Europe and by Forbes as one of the 100 Most Creative People in Business.

  • Best Professional Career CUNEF (2018) among all the former students of the University CUNEF-UCM. This recognition is the third time it has been awarded in the history of the University.

  • Star of the Community of Madrid for business value (2017). The highest award given to those women who, with their commitment and dedication, play an important role in our society.

  • Included in the ranking “100 Economic Leaders for Tomorrow”, a report by the Choiseul Institute, (2017 and 2016).

  • The select Blackbox By Google Entrepeneurs program selected her to participate in San Francisco, along with entrepreneurs from around the world.

  • Selected among the 500 most influential women by Yo Dona magazine (2017 and 2016).

  • Marqués de Oliva Foundation. Distinguished among the 25 most influential people in entrepreneurship within its “Study of the 500 most influential Spaniards”. (2019)



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