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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023

Claudia Lowry

United States

Every Task LLC

Introducing Every Task, the leading virtual assistant company with a global presence. Their team of highly skilled virtual professionals is dedicated to serving clients worldwide.


Business Service


About the Winner

Every Task is a virtual assistant company. We have a team of highly skilled virtual professionals serving clients across the globe.

We assist businesses with their administrative, marketing, operations, and sales support needs. We do everything from email management, calendar management, basic bookkeeping, basic social media marketing and blogs, customer/vendor/leads list calls and pretty much everything that a business owner hates doing or doesn't have time to do.

Being someone that has owned a number of businesses myself, I understand what it is that a business owner should be focusing on (and also the tasks that they should not be spending their time on, and delegating instead). My team and I will do those administrative tasks and bill only for the time used. We provide a detailed report weekly on the tasks done and time spent on each.

I have established several businesses throughout my journey, including consulting companies, franchises, and start-ups. My last two ventures sold at substantial profits, enabling me, my loving husband Matthew, and our incredible toddler, Ronan, to enjoy a life filled with travel, opportunities, and freedom.

Reflecting on my experiences, I've gleaned three invaluable lessons that I wish to share with all business owners:

Surround yourself with individuals who genuinely care about your success. These individuals want to see you thrive and reciprocate your support. They serve as your backbone during challenging times and provide you with valuable information and connections during prosperous moments.

Being discerning about the people you allow into your inner circle is crucial. Consider strategic relationships that foster growth and align with your aspirations. The quality of your relationships ultimately shapes your life and future success, leading to genuine happiness.

Delegate tasks whenever possible. Recognize that you don't have to shoulder every responsibility. It is both unnecessary and unrealistic. Trust in the capabilities of others who are equally intelligent and capable, allowing them to share the workload. Doing so frees up time to focus on more critical aspects of your business.

Embrace fear and take chances. Despite growing older, I discovered that the sensation of fear never truly disappears. When starting a new position or venturing into unknown territories, fear can become paralyzing, tempting us to cancel plans or retreat.

However, drawing from my life experiences, I've come to understand that pushing through fear is vital. More often than not, the outcome is favorable, and even in cases where it isn't, valuable lessons are learned, and life goes on.

Therefore, seize those opportunities that provoke fear. The more challenging it seems, the more rewarding it will be. Embrace the fear and forge ahead!

In sharing my story and the lessons I've learned, I hope to inspire and empower business owners like yourself. May you find the strength to confront your challenges, pursue your dreams, and create a life that embodies success and happiness.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023


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