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Deidre Von Rock

United States

Von Rock Law, PC

VRL's team offers exceptional counsel and a strong commitment to client satisfaction. Known for embracing technology, VRL seamlessly transitioned to remote services during the COVID-19 pandemic and has since expanded its reach to serve clients worldwide in California-based legal matters.


Legal & Accounting

About the Winner

Von Rock Law, PC (“VRL”) is an all women law firm based in San Francisco, California that offers legal services in the areas of trusts and estates, real estate and business. With a combined 75+ years of legal experience, the team at VRL offers a significant depth of experience in providing high quality counsel to its client base. Long lauded for its embrace of technology used to optimize the client experience, VRL immediately and seamlessly pivoted to providing remote services during the COVID-19 pandemic and ever since has expanded these capabilities to represent clients around the globe in California based legal matters across our practice areas. This unique capability within the traditional trusts and estates community in particular has allowed VRL to offer clients a refreshingly efficient experience in this critical area of family wealth preservation.

Our team is comprised of immensely talented women who bring their own personal and professional histories to each client interaction. The team’s collective intellect, maternal leanings and unparalleled ability to multi-task all add up to provide our clients with highly qualified legal professionals who approach each matter with deep reserves of kindness and empathy. Whether an entrepreneur is launching his first company, a family is making plans to care for their children in the future, or a survivor is navigating the loss of a family member, our team stands at the ready to represent the whole client. Through the firm’s award-winning website and our social media, we offer the public a deep dive of online education on legal issues and provide step-by-step instructions on how to work with us, what results can be expected, and, critically, the cost of our fees.

Our approach to legal services is even more appreciated by our clients as it is undertaken through our stack of easy-to-use technology, allowing the client to work with us from the comfort of their homes for the entirety of our representation - a practice that remains truly unique in typical law firms.

This combination of high quality legal work, empathetic professionals, advantageous technology and transparent policies and pricing, we notably stand out among law firms for offering a truly client focused experience.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023


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