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Cheryl Bower

Voices Rock Canada

With seven physical choirs across Ontario and a dedicated online choir for women doctors in Canada and the northern US, we're excited for our eighth season.


Not for Profit

About the Winner

Voices Rock Canada are rock choirs for the 21st Century; I created rock choirs for Children, Adults, Retirees/Seniors and Women Physicians, ages 9-99. Our unique musical program has helped all of the people by establishing a sense of community, friendship and most importantly, mental health and wellness. We have 7 in-person choirs over Ontario, and one on-line choir that serves the needs of Women physicians across Canada and the northern U.S.A. We are going into our eighth season.

At Voices Rock, we feel that everyone should experience the joy of singing and community that comes from being part of a choir. Lifelong friendships have occurred and our retention rate is about 98%, which proves that we have created a niche product that is welcomed by the 350 members we currently serve. We are unique in the sense we are rock and pop choirs and not your typical traditional choir, currently offered in the marketplace.

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