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Suzanne Brown

Al's Pals

We are a cancer support charity dedicated to providing emotional support to patients and their families throughout their cancer journey.


Not for Profit

About the Winner

We are a cancer support charity providing emotional support to patients and their families in hospital, at home, online and in the community. Our volunteers sit and talk to them allowing them to offload and get rid of any emotional stress. We also provide practical support as and where we can providing a personal touch and a friend to talk to. This support can have a real positive approach to their cancer journey

People come to Al's Pals because in Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire there is no other service that provides emotional support in the home. Patients and families can get some support in hospital, however when they go home there is no support. We support and chat to them in hospital and then transition this support into their homes. They can also have access to our online app which provides online support and we have also launched support groups as well.

We can also provide them with Phycological support at home as we have an in house Phycologist that we fund for up to 6 sessions with the patient and/or the family member. This is vital especially in light of waiting times within the hospital for a similar support.

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