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Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 WINNER

Katie Paquette

United States

Moments by Kate

My passion lies in capturing the beauty of the natural world through my lens. I offer customized prints in a variety of materials, sizes, and items, allowing my clients to choose the perfect representation of my work.


Personal Services

About The Winner

I specialize in nature, landscape and visual photography. I offer customized prints on various materials, sizes and items. My most recent adventure led me to using one of my prints to create a custom tie for a very happy client!

I am passionate about always learning to become a better photographer and want my pictures to tell stories or make someone think outside the box about where they could see a print. Could you see a particular image as a pillow, as a scarf, and not only a wall print? I am active on my social media platforms as well and am working on becoming a Master Photographer. People love working with a local photographer because I can put a little piece of Vermont (or another place) in someone's home. That is a treasured gift that can last a lifetime.


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