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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

Shirley ong


Estavon global realty pte ltd


Real Estate Services

About The Winner
Estavon global realty has 4 pillars which pillar 1- property transaction of buy , sell and rent property . Pillar 2- Immgration , Pillar 3- Property Managment and pillar 4- development
As the founder of Estavon Global Realty Pte Ltd other than playing the role of a real estate consultant helping my clients to buy and sell properties locally and internationally. I also play an active role in pitching for developers’ projects, giving local and overseas sales training and bringing developers overseas for roadshows. prefect execution and create a “A Magical Les Coups de Coeur Experience” in clients property transection, and get to have exclusive invitation to properties that are not available in the market. Estavon’s clients will also have first-hand information on any luxury properties. It is also very exciting because we are also inviting our clients to participate with us as partner in developing some of esteemed developments. I have strong connections in Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and China as I have immersed myself in these countries for more than 10 years. Being well versed in English, Mandarin and Bahasa Indonesia, I find that probably help to converse with clients and colleagues much easier. In fact, about 80% of my clients are from these countries.
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