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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023

Jameka Muhammad

United States

Anointed Hands Wellness

Our organisation provides Aged Care Financial Advice and helps families navigate the Aged Care System



Health & Wellness

Anointed Hands Physical Therapy/ Jameka Muhammad

About the Winner

We are a Wellness clinic, helping clients get out of pain and return to a happier, healthier lifestyle. This is so they can get back to fully participating in their active lives with family, works and kids. We are a physical therapy clinic offering non-traditional servicesto help our clinets reach their goals. Services include massage, pilates, Myofascial Release, neruofascial processing, dry needling, MLS Laser, ionicfoot detox and more. We don't just help clients feel better, but we educate them on what they can do to continue the process. I started out as 1 therapist renting space from a chiro and psychology center while working a fulltime as I worked to build up clients on my off hours. I worked on weekends and nights asamom, dropping kids off early in order to fit everything in. After many years of this I was able to finally open up my own facility in which I can treat clients how I want. Now Im blessed with a 4 therapist clinic that is doing things differently and creating changes in the community.

We utilize a vast number of services to help client reach their goals. We are continually looking learning new techniques to give our clients the best chance of relief. We are a black women owned business, servicing clients like we would wanted our parents and families to recieve. We offer solutions not just treatments.


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