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Women Entrepreneur Award 2023

Renu Arora


Heal From Your Past

With my expertise, I guide clients towards profound transformation and lasting healing, unlocking their true potential for wellness and well-being.



Health & Wellness

About the Winner

I am an energy healer specializing in subconscious work. I use my own healing modality called the Accelerated Release Technique (ART) to identify, release, and resolve the emotional root cause to the issues my clients face, after which healing can then take place at a remarkable rate. ART has been used to address problems that run the gamut, from the emotional (sadness, grief, anger etc.) to mental (anxiety, fears, phobias, limiting beliefs etc.) to physical (chronic pain, food and environmental intolerances, hair loss etc). I offer both one-on-one healing sessions in addition to training a new generation of energy healers in using ART.

ART is like psychotherapy on steriods. With the ability to connect directly to the subconscious, I am able to help my clients very quickly identify and understand the exact underlying reason for their suffering (NOTHING is random. Everything has a reason.) and then using proprietary techniques, rapidly heal the emotional trauma that is as the root of their problem. Healing with ART is fast, effective, and permanent.


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