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Andrea Muller

She believes design has the power to impact lives and enrich communities, and that inspires us to reinvent the way people interact with an interior.

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Atelier Collective Design Inc.


We collaborate with the client, the greater design community, and draw upon an extensive knowledge of technology and sustainable materials in order to convey a specific message that reflects your organization’s brand and values.

Our goal: To Design A Difference.We offer customized design packages that can include one or all of the following: feasibility studies, building permit sets, space planning, paint consult, overall design, full construction drawings and specifications, contract administration.

We simplify the design process into three steps that includes Foundation, Vision and Reality.Foundation: we seek to understand the essence of of our Clients, who they are, their core values and vision. We want to create a space that makes a difference to its users. Vision: We take their ideas and vision and polish them to create a concept that will reflect their company and reinforce their brand. In this stage the design starts to take shape and form in multiple mediums: space plans, elevations, renderings, material selection and furniture layout and requirements.Reality: We pair the design with technology to produce and deliver tangible drawings. This includes a set of drawings illustrating the plans, details and materials that establish the design guideline and map for the contractor.

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