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Dasha Maslennikova

She helps people get moving, offering kinesiology, rehab, training and ergonomics services from their 2 private studios and online.

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Symmetrix Exercise & Rehab


We are Vancouver's Top Kinesiology Studio, offering 1 on 1 sessions in a private studio.

2018 was an exciting year at Symmetrix: Kent MacWilliam and Dasha Maslennikova joined the Symmetrix team as new owners.

The new leadership at Symmetrix builds on the quality of experience and care clients are familiar with, while bringing new energy to our professional team. Dasha, Director and Principal Kinesiologist, has helped hundreds of ICBC, Worksafe BC, pain-program, personal training and corporate clients. She is a lifelong learner and her work is proof of her dedication to serving her clients with the highest quality of care. Kent brings a decade of management experience to support the Symmetrix team behind the scenes.

At Symmetrix Exercise and Rehab we employ our background in kinesiology to apply a science-based approach to exercise rehab. We work independently, or alongside your doctor or physiotherapist to help you in overcoming your injuries and reclaim an active and mobile lifestyle. Our clients love getting stronger, reducing pain and getting back to the activities they enjoy, and we love helping them get there. Sessions take place at Hillcrest Community Centre.

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