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Frances Foster

Manufacturing products for treatment of waste without chemicals or poison.

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Solutions Unlimited Australis Pty Ltd - Biomaster


Why we are into this

because we had a septic system that smelt dreadful after we opened our b and b and nothing we bought worked we knew there must be a need for a product that guaranteed to fix all smelly waste problems.after much research, septic care was registered and we started with one sachet making machine and very little funds.our focus was for everything to be totally environmentally friendly.

as we became aware of so many other waste problems that currently required the use of chemicals and poisons we realized we could not research, develop, and market them all under the septic care name so formed a company which bought septic care.

we now manufacture and distribute many different products for the treatment of waste without chemicals or poisons.these treat septic tanks, drain fields, grease traps, drains, pet waste, kitchen waste and making compost.our latest development is a toilet cleaner/unblocker with paper eating strains of beneicial bacteria.

we have also developed pet waste treatment bins, kitchen waste treatment bins, portable garden units and hanging garden units - these are all our own design and manufactured in australia from recycled plastic uv stabilized.

we guarantee our products and offer a free advisory service to new and ongoing customers.

we use minimal packaging, use no water and minimal electricity in our processes.our products are guaranteed to work.smell gone in 24-48 hours.

good for the environment, no chemicals or poisons.

free advice whether new or old customers.

value for money.

very little packaging.

same day free shipping of orders.

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