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Jerestene Saher

Catering to almost every pallet, she has a unique ability to create dishes simply based on a taste, smell or just something she conjures up in her mind.

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Jess Catering Services


My USP are my liqueur chocolates which are hand painted artisan chocolates. The signature chocolates are: Golden Delight made with frangelico and hazelnut with a caramel chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate case; Mocha Nut made with Kahlua and pistachio in a white chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate case; Black Forest made with Kirsch and candied cherries in Ruby chocolate ganache in a dark chocolate case.

I provide yummy food with a home cooked feel. With a passion for cooking and creating I make food with lots of love. I have been cooking since I was 16 helping my mom in the kitchen. Although I am not a professionally trained chef my food is extremely delicious and made from the heart.

My speciality is liqueur chocolates which are my best sellers! I also do cakes, gift boxes and grazing boxes! I provide catering up to a 100 people. I provide glisten free and vegan food too.

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