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Mandy Patchin

Mobile glass studio located on a 26ft moving truck used to create a truly memorable experience for participants.

Glass House Xperience is Canada's only mobile studio located on a 26ft moving truck. The inspiration behind this type of studio was to build the art community and bringing glass to places that wouldn't otherwise see glass blowing. We work at schools, festivals and in communities. Imagine the side walls lowering down into a 16ft stage where we can offers classes for those interested in trying their hand at shaping molten hot glass. We also get to create in our space, this includes functional glassware, like drinkware, olive oil and soap dispenser and more. One other important glass services we offer is our memorial glass keepsake line. This is where we add a small amount of cremated ash to the hot glass making process and create keepsakes for those who have lost a loved one or pet. This service is very important to me as I started it when I lost my own grandmother.

Our Competitive edge is being the only mobile glass studio in Canada. Which has allowed us to work with festivals, schools, communities and at private events, getting in front of hundreds of thousands of people. I think a 2nd quality that sets us apart is our customer service, I pride myself on the highest standard of customer service. The 3rd thing that sets us apart and gives us the competitive advantage is our memorial glass collections, we made a name for ourselves in Western Canada by traveling around and collecting ashes, so clients didn't have to mail them in. I felt this was something very personal and should be done in person.

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