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Maria Rojas

Provide clients with a smooth and efficient process that results in unique, timeless, and functional designs that improve their quality of life.

We have a model design approach - We build a 3D design of your home or commercial space using the latest 3D modelling software. Our 3D models will show you the exact vision for your project. It will also show you how your home or commercial space will work for your lifestyle or brand. Our 3D models are supported with 2D construction drawings, millwork drawings, finishes, and decor options for contractors and trades to quote.

We have a very personalized services - When you work with Uniik, you get the personal touch and the freedom to explore any creative approach. All of our clients receive one-on-one expert advice. We will be right by your side from first inspiration to move in day.

We love collaborating with our clients and we want you to have as much fun as we do while we work together on your project. Our custom tailored five-stage process gives our clients the opportunity to share their ideas and vision as we bring the design fully to life.

This is our 5 phase process and services:

Floor Plans & Concept

We start with a one hour FREE consultation at your home, where we discuss the vision and overall design for the home. After the consultation, we will provide a proposal for our services. Once the services have been approved, we start with site measures of the home and develop floor plans. After the floor plans are complete, we develop a design concept that reflects the vision and also guides the overall design process.

3D Schematic Design

This is our favourite phase and it's when the design really comes to life! Once the floor plans have been approved, we translate the plans into a 3D schematic design of your home. The 3D design will show you the overall design as well as the new cabinetry design, lighting, and finishes of your space before it is built. In this phase we work one on one with you to manipulate the design until you are 100% satisfied!

Finishes & Furnishing Selections

The phase that completes the overall design! In this phase, we visit supplier showrooms to select all the finishes and furnishings for your new home build or renovation. Finishes and Furnishings include flooring, wall finishes, lighting, plumbing, hardware, furniture, and decor. We take care of everything from sourcing to delivery!

Construction Drawings

In this phase, we translate the final 3D schematic design into 2D drawings for the contractor and trades to quote and build the project. These drawings provide clear instruction of all the demolition, new construction, cabinetry, electrical, finishes applications, and furnishings.

Project Admin. & Site Review

Lastly, we attend site meetings and walkthroughs to provide clarifications to contractors and trades about the project. We oversee project development first-hand, ensuring progress and quality!

It all started with one goal, to give our clients a unique home or commercial space they absolutely love.

Uniik Design was founded in 2013 with the focus on designing unique and timeless interior and exterior designs for residential and commercial spaces. People spend an average of 87% of their life indoors and we believe these indoor spaces should be designed with purpose. Our mission is to design spaces that improve your quality of life. We believe interiors should reflect your personality, lifestyle, and brand.

Throughout the years, we have experienced that most clients feel overwhelmed when it comes to a renovation or a new build and our goal is to eliminate that as much as possible. With 8 years of full experience in the industry, we have custom built a specific process for our clients to follow so they feel 100% confident and comfortable. We collaborate with you and take care of everything from vision to move in day!

Over the 8 years we have expanded our team from a single designer to a larger team of unique visionaries who work across all design styles. We are deeply passionate, driven to enhance and transform spaces to fit our clients personalities, lifestyles, and brand.

Maria Rojas is a graduate from the Bachelor of Applied Interior Design program at Mount Royal University. Building on her great passion for design she established Uniik Design in 2013, an interior design firm that specializes in all facets of residential and commercial design. She loves collaborating with clients to bring their dream spaces to life. Maria pushes the boundaries of design and focuses on every detail of the client experience. Her mission is to provide clients with a smooth and efficient process that results in unique, timeless, and functional designs that improve their quality of life.

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