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Shawna Curtin Weatherill

We are your neighbourhood travel experts, as our passion for travel continues to evolve, so does our outlook on how we serve our customers and our community, growing and changing to meet the needs and wants of our clients. Our expertise, and specialty is cruising, but we provide every travel option to our clients, Air, Land and Sea. We are Expedia Cruises in Waterdown.

We provide every travel option. Whether it's overseas or closer to home, we offer vacation packages, all-inclusive resorts, coach and rail tours, home and villa rentals, travel insurance, as well as flights, hotels, car rentals, activities, and excursions. We are unique in that we care about our clients, we are with you when you book, when you travel, and when you come home. We recognize that vacation time is precious, and we work hard to ensure you have the best possible vacation to meet your wants and needs.

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