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“can you imagine what quarantine would be like without this entrepreneurs solution ”

Eric Yuan

The Best Vendor Inspired by

Without Zoom, can you imagine what quarantine would be like, especially as businesses and schools have turned to the platform to perform daily tasks and activities? However, once you find out how Zoom came about, you will be pleasantly surprised.

Work is no longer a place, it’s a space where Zoom serves to empower your teams to connect and bring their best ideas to life.

During the Internet boom era in the mid-1990s, Eric Yuan came to the United States from China. However, it took eight tries because every time he applied for a visa, he was rejected. He keeps doing it because he believes he can do great things. His patience and perseverance kept him going. Finally, when he applied for a US visa for the ninth time, it was approved! However, the whole process took two years.

Yuan initially worked for a Silicon Valley communications startup and in 2012 introduced Zoom to the world. Yuan did not want distance to be an important factor in communication. He didn't want to live based on a 12 hour train ride. Instead, it relies on virtual communication techniques so that long-distance was no longer an issue.

Currently, 750,000 companies use Zoom. It is used to connect businesses through video and audio conferencing, co-working spaces, chat, and more. Face-to-face video conferencing allows people to see each other in real time, making communication more realistic and humanistic. It also allows millions of employees to work from home and communicate with their workplaces, giving many people the opportunity to apply to overseas companies. Yuan, like millions of other immigrants, had a hard time getting into his dream country. However, this did not discourage him. Indeed, one of the reasons Yuan's entrepreneurial story is inspiring is his determination and tenacious nature. Having an entrepreneurial success story is not easy. However, don't give up, even if you have to wait a few years to achieve success


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