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Two warriors Anaita and Vik Sarkar are giving couple-goals as they become heroes of the world together. Both husband and wife are dedicated to providing plastic-free packaging products increasing sustainability for the world.

The Best Vendor Inspired by this couple

We have read and also been taught about sustainability since we were in schools. But neither of us ever thought of producing sustainable products nor we have even tried to switch to sustainable products available in the market.

Here we are on the one hand, in this cruel world where nobody thinks about anyone or anything except themselves, and on the other hand, this couple based in Australia is trying their best to do something good for their part for this world. They are setting examples for thousands of people to work for the betterment of the environment and the world. Their story is inspiring and motivating that if one decides to do something, they can achieve it no matter what.

This husband-and-wife duo from Australia, Anaita and Vik Sarkar are producing packaging products that are earth-saving, compostable, and zero wastage products. These products are plastic-free as well as cute looking from the outside so we get good-looking products benefiting the world. They are distributing in Australia currently but will be extending to the USA and Canada soon. Their main product is HEROPACKS which they send all over the world. They are currently selling 4000 HEROPACKS and they are extending their business with time rapidly.

Before this, they had an e-commerce retail business and they used to send 80-100 products in a day, all plastic packed. This was the reason that motivated them to start HEROPACKS. Once during holidays, they saw their two girls at home sitting in plastic and they decided to do something for the world. They decided to invent something that is plastic-free. They tried various experiments before they invented their products. They experimented and failed as it is a part of the process to get success in what you do. But the most important thing is that they didn’t lose hope and tried. One fine day they were successful and that’s how HEROPACKS got invented.

Starting from zero and reaching the heights is a perfect example of success. The couple not only started a successful business but they made an effort for the betterment of society. They have many different varieties of products and they are also dealing in custom mailers.

We can take inspiration from this couple to become successful in what we decide to do.


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