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Indy Griffiths

They elevate "overlooked" businesses through exceptional designs, taking them from "overlooked" to "overbooked" status. They provide ongoing design support to ensure that these businesses consistantly make a strong impression on their clients.

Barge Creative


About the Winner

Barge Creative support 'overlooked' businesses in the marketplace through design to take them to 'overbooked' status. We also offer ongoing design support to these businesses to help them show up consistently, impress their audience from the first glance, and LOOK AS GOOD as the service they provide to their customers.

We are proud to take a strategic, solutions based approach to design, rather than just creating something pretty for the sake of it... and out clients rave about us for this reason! Our designs get them results, in turn growing their business & profits. Win win!

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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