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Women Entrepreneurs Award 2023 Winners

Advertising, Design, & Marketing

Indy Griffiths


They elevate "overlooked" businesses through exceptional designs, taking them from "overlooked" to "overbooked" status. They provide ongoing design support to ensure that these businesses consistantly make a strong impression on their clients.

Jessica Adanich

United States

Design Pod is a boutique branding and design agency that prioritizes your brand and business. They see their clients as partners, working together to achieve success. Their talented team is passionate about branding, design, and marketing, believing that the best work comes from passion. With a comprehensive range of services, they do it all when it comes to design: from branding development and advertising to marketing collateral, display graphics, and packaging design.

Nicole Bernard


nb. marketing offers comprehensive marketing services, consulting, and a business marketing course. With prior experience in running an organic farm and microbrewery, they have the power of effective marketing. After gaining valuable insights at a marketing agency for 2.5 years, they launched the Bubbles & Biz podcast in 2019. Through this platform, they foster a community of entrepreneurs to connect, collaborate, and celebrate their entrepreneurial journey.

Brooke Corradeti


Helps businesses to increase their social media presence and grow organically

Jasmine Cresswell

United Kingdom

JJ Cresswell is a specialized copywriting business that focuses on websites, blogs, and social media. With a remarkable personal journey of overcoming domestic abuse and dyslexia, she achieved top First-class Honours in English, despite spending her early years sofa-surfing. As a self-made and higly regarded copywriter, she empowers individuals to find their voices.

Kelli Briggs

United Kingdom

Katerpillar Graphic Design, a Mansfield-based agency founded in 2019 by Creative Director Kelli Briggs, is a highly acclaimed design and print powerhouse. With a talented team and a network of trusted freelancers and suppliers, they offer comprehensive services in graphic design, illustration, web design, print, and marketing. Their creative solutions are sought after by local businesses and internationally recognized brands, earning them a stellar reputation in the industry.

Rebecca Houston

United Kingdom

Smash Marketing is a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO. They are committed to ethical business practices and becoming a B-Corp. Their goal is to help SMEs boost their online presence and drive more traffic to their websites. They offer tailored SEO services, including keyword research, on-page optimization, link building, PPC advertising, technical SEO audits, and consulting. By implementing customized strategies, they help clients rank higher on search engine result pages, increasing visibility and potential customers.

Joann Heniff

United States of America

Targeting new homeowners and affluent markets, Baluca Media specializes in residential advertising for niche audiences.

Jennifer Scogin


One-stop shop for all design, printing, and printing products.

Kelly Biggs

United States

This digital marketing agency empowers businesses with effective online strategies. Their services include website design, SEO, social media management, AI consulting, and paid advertising. By leveraging the latest technologies, they help clients achieve significant growth. Committed to excellence, XYZ builds lasting relationships and delivers exceptional results.

Valerie Saindon


As a digital marketing expert, I aid mindful entrepreneurs and small businesses in making a significant impact through easily implementable marketing strategies. I strongly believe in the power of knowledge and therefore guide small businesses in developing enduring marketing tactics

Lisa Overland


They help entrepreneurs to grow their client base and sales through paid ads, email marketing, and automation techniques.

Jenny De Lacy


Talking Digital is a unique content marketing consulting business that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow online. They offer strategy, planning, mentoring, and done-for-you services to eliminate guesswork and procastination.

Lisa Roberts


They are versatile embroidery and promotional company that offers in-house embroidery and various forms of products customization services.

Anna Sothen

United States

They help to optimize the company's visibility, credibility, and profitability.

Cindy Csordas

Cindy Csordas Video Production


Cindy is a passionate video producer who creates powerful content to engage audiences. With her expertise in videography, editing, writing, and storytelling, she delivers impactful videos for TV, YouTube, and social media. Her services include video recording, editing, voice-over, on-camera talent, and project consultant. From educational to promotional content, her work captivates viewers and leaves a lasting impression.

Kristin Marquet

Marquet Media

United States

Marquet Media is a boutique PR and branding agency based in NYC, offering strategic communications services to entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses. They specialize in generating media coverage, media training, crisis communication, brand messaging, logo design, website development, social media strategy, content creation, influencer relations, and event planning. With a focus on increasing visibility, credibility, and revenue, Marquet Media assists clients in achieving their PR and branding goals.

Layla Bautista

Bokeh Media


Bokeh Media is a dynamic film and photo production business that excels in capturing music events, documentaries, promotional content, portraits, and short films. Led by Layla, a talented half Filipina Canadian hailing from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Bokeh Media celebrates her identity as a woman and her belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. Layla embarked on her cinematography and photography journey at a young age and established Bokeh Media at just 17 years old. Specializing in film documentaries, music videos, events, and business promotions, Layla also engages with her audience through social media tutorials and hosts local events and contests, fostering a supportive creative community.

Lulu Laidlaw-Smith



They started their business as an educational SAAS video platform that is focused on transforming children's lives through the power of video for learning. They offered curated content and music aligned with curriculum. Teachers appreciated that platform as it granted them control and visibility over the learning process of the students. Eventually, they transitioned to selling their platform to brand owners and enterprises, responding to the growing demand for video creation in various areas such as training, compliance, recruitment, and marketing communications.

Monika Kus

Kus Designs


They are a passionate visual creator that specializes in photography. Their mission is to identify and bring those incredible businesses into the spotlight which are not adequately represented online.

Rebecca Brenner

Moyralla Marketing


They are a digital marketing agency which provides all types of marketing services for SMEs.

Anastasia Brown

Baluca media


Baluca Media is a photography, videography, and visual content agency that combines expertise with emphatic direction. They believe in capturing genuine moments without forced smiles or awkward poses. Whether it's a photo shoot or a video project, they provide the perfect angle, genuine support, and confidence-boosting approach to their clients because they understand thaty not everyone is comfortable in front of the camera.

Candice Kuhnen

ABC Communications


Candice is a full-service advertising, marketing, promotion and public relation firm that acts as a connector for their clients in order to connect them with power partners and grow businesses.

Chandra Lynn

Glow Marketing LLC

United States

Glow Marketing LLC, founded in 2000, assists executives to achieve carrier goals through strategic businesses and marketing strategies. Specializes in branding and integrated marketing, they help to enhance brand equity and leave memorable impact.

Claire Ballard


United Kingdom

They empower ambitious business owners with beautifully natural photography that sets them apart, boosting their visibility and confidence.

Harpreet Suree

Collective Companion

United Kingdom

Collective Companion is a one-stop marketing solution provider, that specializes in social media, copywriting, graphic design, and content creation.

Heather Taylor

Glitter Girl Media


They specialize in helping clients navigate platforms, post frequency, and engaging content for their target audience.

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