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United Kingdom

Kelli Briggs

Katerpillar Graphic Design, a Mansfield-based agency founded in 2019 by Creative Director Kelli Briggs, is a highly acclaimed design and print powerhouse. With a talented team and a network of trusted freelancers and suppliers, they offer comprehensive services in graphic design, illustration, web design, print, and marketing. Their creative solutions are sought after by local businesses and internationally recognized brands, earning them a stellar reputation in the industry.

Katerpillar Graphic Design


About the Winner

Katerpillar Graphic Design is a multi-award-winning complete design and print agency based in Mansfield. The business was set up in 2019 by Creative Director Kelli Briggs, and now has two members in the team plus a trusted group of freelance partners and suppliers.

We offer a comprehensive range of services such as Graphic design, illustration, Web design, Print and Marketing. We deliver creative solutions for local businesses and brands recognised globally.

Katerpillar helps with all of your branding and marketing needs and we specialise in client satisfaction with a friendly but professional approach.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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