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Jasmine Cresswell

JJ Cresswell is a specialized copywriting business that focuses on websites, blogs, and social media. With a remarkable personal journey of overcoming domestic abuse and dyslexia, she achieved top First-class Honours in English, despite spending her early years sofa-surfing. As a self-made and higly regarded copywriter, she empowers individuals to find their voices.

JJ Cresswell


About the Winner

JJ Cresswell is a copywriting business that specialises in websites, blogs and social media.

After fleeing home as a teenager to escape domestic abuse and battling with dyslexia,
I worked hard to receive one of the highest First-Class Honours in English in my year. (This was while spending my first 2 years sofa-surfing from my peers.)

I am now a self-made and well-recognised copywriter who helps people have their voice, whether it’s in online marketing communications for entrepreneurs or speaking on behalf of unseen women caught in human trafficking.

I have a decade of marketing experience in copywriting, SEO, social media, and blog content. My background in TV, script writing and designing websites gives me a unique ability to understand how great stories are communicated online.

I work directly with clients to create outstanding marketing results, such as holding a 1st place ranking on Google for a client’s website for over 3 years with an additional 46.9% increase in site traffic due to my website and blog support. Alternatively, I have an average of 5.9K post impressions on a LinkedIn page for another long-term client.

My clients also get exclusive professional support from my dedicated team of freelancers or BNI strategic partners, without the excessive price tag of an agency.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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