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Lisa Roberts

They are versatile embroidery and promotional company that offers in-house embroidery and various forms of products customization services.

Halisco Design


About the Winner

We are an embroidery /promotional company providing products - we have in house embroidery and do multiple different forms of decoration for products to customize for the clients

Our commitment to the relationship with a client and making sure they recieve quality products at a great value that fits their budget. its important that we let the client know how important doing this job for them to give them that feel of excitment about thier product has been our best feature - when people thank you over and over again and return over and over again you know that youve reached them. Halisco is not just business to business we like to celebrate the client in all thier accomplishments whether is getting married or a new baby or growth in thier business we also strive to connect them with other clients especially with our BNi partners or other clients that can help them create more business and more connection to others - its important to me that they know we are not just transactional but more than that for them

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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