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Jenny De Lacy

Talking Digital is a unique content marketing consulting business that helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow online. They offer strategy, planning, mentoring, and done-for-you services to eliminate guesswork and procastination.

Talking Digital


About the Winner

Talking Digital is a content marketing consulting business that doesn't follow the traditional rules of marketing. We help small business owners and entrepreneurs stand out as the unique and awesome business they are, without the guesswork and procrastination that often accompanies online content for websites, social media and LinkedIn. We offer a ranges of services, from strategy and planning, to mentoring, and done for you services.

Jenny De Lacy, Talking Digital, breaks the rules of marketing by cutting through to what really matters. Powerful brand message clarity for the business owner, uncomplicated content plans that accelerate online visibility, and content that put the humans the business wants to serve in the centre of the creation process. Simple as 1, 2, 3 with the aligned content model. No complicated marketing plans and spreadsheets that never see the light of day.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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