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Women Entrepreneur Awards 2023 WINNER


Anna Blackman & Kylie Ellwood

Talent Insight Solutions

They empower women entrepreneurs in Australia and the Pacific through education and upskilling. Their goal is to connect individuals with the skills needed for success and drive positive change through intuitive tools and assessments.


HR, Coaching & Education

About the Winner

We specialise in empowering female entrepreneurs through education, development, and upskilling across Australia and the Pacific. Our focus is on helping organisations identify the most effective methods to develop individuals and connect them with the skills necessary for success. Using intuitive tools and assessments, we facilitate understanding and adaptation of behaviors and emotions, fostering change.
Our goal is to encourage, educate, and empower women business owners, recognising that the benefits extend far beyond the individual. When one woman is educated, it positively impacts her family, networks, community, and country. We strive to create sustainable and impactful change within the networks we engage with, driven by our shared purpose to make a positive difference in the lives of others.
Through our commitment to excellence and unwavering support for women in business, along with our collective strengths, we're reshaping the landscape of professional development and paving the way for a brighter future.

The inception of our business concept emerged from a genuine need to impart our knowledge while serving as role models for our children. As mothers with a combined total of nine children, we intimately understand the realities of being mumpreneurs and the unique challenges they face.
What sets us apart is our diverse range of backgrounds, which allows us to incorporate our extensive experiences into our innovative training and development programs. Anna's expertise lies in the fields of business coaching, human resources, rural and regional leadership, and business management. Her studies, teaching, and publications have established her as a respected authority in these domains. Kylie brings a wealth of knowledge from both corporate and small business environments. Her exceptional skills have earned her the prestigious distinction of being one of only ten Extended DISC Master Trainers in Australia, along with certifications as a Certified S+EI coach and Business/Executive Coach.
What sets TIS apart is the extraordinary bond between us, cultivated over two decades of friendship. With such a deep connection, we possess an intimate understanding of one another. Our shared passion for empowering women fuels our drive to make a difference. Having faced similar challenges ourselves, we can relate to the obstacles women encounter along their journeys. Moreover, our extensive experience spans various sectors; corporate, government, and private enterprises, making us well-versed in the complexities of working mothers.
Our diverse clientele encompasses women from rural and remote Australia, the Pacific and Indigenous communities. This rich diversity has granted us cross-cultural insights that we seamlessly incorporate into our solutions. We firmly believe in the uniqueness of every individual and strive to unlock their fullest potential. To achieve this, our coaching and training methodologies are complemented by psychometric and aptitude tests, enabling us to provide deeper insights and tangible results.

Women Entrepreneur Award 2023 Winner

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