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Anna Bashkirova

EQuilibrium Consulting & Coaching

an award-winning firm dedicated to empowering business owners, corporate leaders, and teams. With a focus on enhancing performance, nurturing relationships, and promoting mental well-being, we alleviate growth challenges.

Deyna Phillips

Sage & Harmony Holistic Coaching Services

They are an Emotional Wellness Coach who specializes in anxiety, anger management, and domestic violence coaching.

Jenni Morgan

Business Coaches Yorkshire Limited T/A ActionCOACH Wakefield

At ActionCOACH Wakefield, our mission is to ignite the potential within businesses across West Yorkshire and empower entrepreneurs to create the lives they truly desire. We are more than just a franchise; we are a team of dedicated business coaches and support staff who are committed to your success.

Nicky Brown

Coach To Growth

Christine Qanaan

Silver Owl-Phoenix

My brand values embody a profound dedication to making a positive impact on individuals and the world. I strongly emphasize the significance of working towards the greater good of all and elevating our collective consciousness.

Anna Blackman & Kylie Ellwood

Talent Insight Solutions

They empower women entrepreneurs in Australia and the Pacific through education and upskilling. Their goal is to connect individuals with the skills needed for success and drive positive change through intuitive tools and assessments.

Dr Leanne Elich

Leanne Elich Consulting

Renowned for our expertise in transforming individuals, teams, and organizations, we harness the power of breakthroughs in behavioral science and cognitive neuroscience to revolutionize your business practices.

Keree Bradshaw

Believe Leadership Academy

Priyanka Sengar

Women First Jobs

Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan

She Inspire (Global) Ltd



Introducing our award-winning company, a premier provider of comprehensive international education planning and overseas placement services in Singapore.

Heung Sin Yi Gianni

The Dream Academy

Our service caters to individuals who sense an untapped potential within themselves and seek significant breakthroughs in their lives.

Leanne Myles

More Than Mortgages LTD

Rose Apostolovska

Rosy Innovations Pty Ltd

Anna Salusky

Salusky Law Group

Annmarie Hatfield

College Inroads

Our distinguished services cater to high school students seeking guidance in crucial aspects of their college journey.

Jeanette Forder

Phoenix Wellness Coaching Limited

Grounded in real-life experiences of women at this pivotal life stage, Phoenix Wellness Coaching takes a personalized approach, taking the time to deeply understand the needs and challenges of each client.

Meg Fenney

HR Download

Therese Kolongo

Autism Congo

Zara Muirhead

Love Literacy Limited

Giving a Speech


HR, Coaching & Training

Carmel Brown


The Proven Group

At our core, we are driven by a mission to empower businesses in cultivating harmonious and productive work environments. Through our comprehensive training programs in Leadership and Management, we equip organizations with the tools and skills to thrive.

Holly Dickinson


ACCEL Strength & Conditioning Inc.

They empower women runners to go faster, gain confidence, and stay injury-free with personalized digital Kinesiology. Their mission is to bring accessible Kinesiology to women everywhere.

Babette Powell

United Kingdom

BPHR Consultancy Limited

Fareen Samji


Drive for Show - Smashing Golf

Jacquie Hale

United Kingdom

Vector Business Coaching

Magdalene Adenaike

United Kingdom

Music Relief Foundation

Meredith Kost

United States

Aflac, Meredith Kost Benefits Consultant

Sam Swinstead


vivoHR & Training (UK) Ltd

Tutu Akinyede

United Kingdom

Tecnis Academy

Bronwyn Boyle


Bronwyn Boyle Consulting

Crystal Westman

United States

Crystal's Counseling & Consultation, LLC

Donna Obstfeld

United Kingdom


Isabel Harland


Capital Bookkeeping & Accountancy

Jennifer Gilman

United States

New Way Health Coach

Jessica Smith


Savant Recruitment

Savant Recruitment: A premier boutique headhunting service, connecting companies from diverse industries with top-tier talent from their competitors.

Karen Robertson


Bodywork & Massage Training

Kelly Bater

United Kingdom

K Bater Consultancy Limited

The HR consultancy provides SMEs with expert assistance in all aspects of employee-related matters.

Patti Templeton

United States

One Community Now

Paula Fidalgo

United States

The Dust Busters

Peggy Beed


Bridgeview Training and Hire

Sarah mckenzie


Bumblebee VA

Vanessa Castro

United States


Wendy Norfleet

United States

Norfleet Integrated Solutions

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